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Travel Tips

Here’s some tips to consider when planning your next trip with United Bus Company.

10 Tips for Making Your Trip More Enjoyable

1. Enjoy your trip drink plenty of water before & during you trip.

2. Passenger safety is the number one priority. There are no prohibitions against the movement of passengers from seat to seat, to the lavatory, or through the aisles, other than the legal mandated need to remain behind the white or yellow line marked in the floor of the coach behind the driver in the aisle. Passengers should however, be cautioned that they should remain in their seats whenever possible. If there is a need to walk through the aisles, passengers should ensure that they have a good, secure grip on seat backs and designated hand grips at all times to prevent loss of balance or to prevent injury in the event of a sudden stop. Walking or standing in the aisles should not take place in stop and go traffic circumstances or while the coach is traveling roads with many twists and turns.

3. Consider the environment. Seeing Ireland responsibly also means leaving the beauty intact for the next visitors. Today’s Coaches are both fuel efficient, and environmentally sound. On a per passenger basis, a modern coach is among the cleanest modes of transportation in the world. That is especially important when your group travels through the UKs majestic National parks etc.

4. Relax. Recline the seat, adjust the overhead ventilation and lighting controls, adjust the sunshade…sleep if you like, read a book, make conversation, just relax, or see the sights, and let an United professional handle the driving.

5. Luggage considerations. Today’s modern coaches have large under floor baggage carrying capacities. Interior overhead parcel racks are also provided for carry on bags. The same rule of thumb applies to coaches, as does air travel when it comes to luggage size and weight. For your space and comfort inside the passenger compartment, please keep carry on items to the size of a small bag or brief case. For under floor baggage, please limit yourself to a maximum two (2) items per person, at a weight limit of about 50 pounds each. Generally speaking, the less the better in terms of time to load and off load baggage at your departure and destination.

6. Climate controlled for your comfort. As already mentioned, individual “airline” style overhead ventilation and lighting controls are provided for your maximum comfort and enjoyment. It is a good idea to travel with a light jacket, especially if you will be traveling in inclement weather. Your professional coach driver will be more than happy to accommodate the group’s requests for heat and/or air conditioning adjustments.

7. Boarding and alighting the coach. The driver will be at the bottom of the entrance steps to assist in boarding and alighting the coach. Please watch your step as you ascend into the spaciousness of the coach and enjoy the view from the panoramic windows. Equally as important is watching your step in alighting the coach. While the driver will take great care to select safe, well-lighted areas to stop, please watch your step as you exit for any small stones, or loose items that may cause you to loose your balance. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the driver.

8. Coach lavatories. While most full-size coaches are lavatory equipped, please be sure to advise your charter consultant if this is a special request of your group. Coach lavatories are equipped and designed for the comfort of the group, and to handle passenger “emergencies”. They are not however, designed for regular, “non-essential” usage. Keeping in mind that your itinerary will more than likely have scheduled rest stops about every two (2) hours, it is best to keep the coach lavatory for emergency use only.

9. Trash receptacles. Most coaches will have at least one (1) trash receptacle located in the coach, either at the front or the rear. These are provided for you as a means to keep your personal space free of debris, which is not only more comfortable, but also more desirable from a passenger safety stand point. Your driver may have already, or by request, provide additional trash bags for your convenience.

10. Public address systems. Are provided for use by group leaders, tour escorts, or step on guides. Many coaches are now manufactured with cordless microphones for the convenience of speaking from any position in the coach. If you are speaking on a microphone with a cord, please remember the cord is not endless, and designed to be used from the position of the tour guide seat, located at the very front next to the driver if the coach is so equipped, or from the seat directly behind the driver.

10 Tips for Purchasing Professional coach Services

Transportation by coach is N.Ireland safest, most convenient and hassle-free mode of ground transportation. Obtaining coach transportation can be as easy as a phone call or e-mail for the experienced charter customer, yet many consumers may feel somewhat overwhelmed when they first step into the process. This quick checklist is designed to help you find the right transportation company and ask the right questions to ensure your group is safe, comfortable, and satisfied.

1. The cardinal rule: Don’t buy on price alone. When you are deciding which company to use, remember that safety can be affected by many mechanical components, which you can’t see. Additionally, delivering a high level of service must be a stated company priority and objective.

2. Consider: does your group have any special needs that must be met? Things  a lavatory-equipped coach, or other equipment—such as ADA compliant wheel chair accessible vehicles—may be needed to make your trip successful.

3. Request that the company supply its DOE and Insurance numbers. Such numbers are assigned by the UK Government and are required to operate legally.

4. What is the company’s DOE (Department of Environment) or DOT (Department of Transport) safety rating? Never hire from a company with an unsatisfactory or conditional safety rating from the DOE

5. Request a certificate of insurance. Your carriers should supply a certificate of insurance. Acceptable levels of insurance call for £10,000,000 for combined single-limit liability. This is required by Education & school boards.

6. Is the company available for inspections? Reputable coach companies will welcome the opportunity for you to visit their facilities. You can tell a lot about a company just by looking.

7. Know the emergency and breakdown procedures. A reputable carrier will have membership in a nationwide network, or access to other networks providing reciprocal maintenance agreements. Additionally, ask about professional affiliations, both local and national, which might be expected to assist in the case of a mechanical difficulty or other complication during your trip.

8. Clearly spell out your itinerary and what is involved in detail. Be sure the company knows what hours the driver must be available to the group, and if the driver(s) will require a hotel room. On overnight stays it is customary for the chartering party to pay for and book the driver’s room.

9. Ask the company what is the duration of time that they have been in business. Also try to get information on when the company was set up, and how long it has been providing coach hire services. A good track record from testimonials and other sources is always desirable.

10. Does the company have a background check and drug screening policy in place for its drivers? Drug screening is a requirement. Never charter from a carrier that does not strongly enforce a drug-free workplace. Inquire into the extent of background checks prior to hiring of a driver.

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